Our Values

Our Values

DATO Technologies specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product engineering, warranty management, building cloud, infrastructure, network, etc.

There are many IT service providers in the Atlanta area from which to choose.  So why would you choose DATO?  To understand what makes us different, it might be helpful for you to know our starting position.  This is how we view the world.

  • We approach every situation remembering there is a human being on the other side of every computer screen and the impact of a glitch is felt in a multitude of ways.
  • We believe there is a better way to conduct business, going above and beyond the prevailing standard in service delivery.
  • We desire to make a difference in people’s lives using best-of-breed products and being fanatical in our pursuit of great customer service.
  • You can put your trust in us as a genuine partner to solve the unique needs of your team.

Great leaders acknowledge the importance of unity, so they build and foster that into their teams.  At DATO, our values are the agent which unifies the company.  These values permeate everything we do.  And we invite you to hold us accountable to our values.

Extra Mile Service
Our customers are our lifeblood. Excellent service delivery ultimately means issue resolution – period. We will work diligently to identify obstacles and overcome them. Our trust partnership means a “no fault” guarantee. It is our pleasure to go the extra mile and deliver on promises and look for opportunities to better serve you.
Power Product Suite
Reliable products underpin predictability in systems and data. As part of our commitment to you, we will offer only the best of breed products to empower your business. Our entire team is well versed in all the tools in our toolbelt, and we will continually reevaluate our product suite to deliver maximum value and excellent results for our customers. We do limit our portfolio to reduce complexity and maximize efficiency, but we will never recommend anything we haven’t already used ourselves.
Great People
Recruiting and retaining the best people is non-negotiable. Predictable interactions with well-established and experienced techs give our customer peace of mind. Team members are vetted, screened, and selected for their personal integrity and ability to take care of our customer and are then taught the product suite and the DATO way. New team members are added only if they have an underlying desire to help people as opposed to simply solving computer problems.
We will over communicate to preserve your trust. We know that great two-way communication is critical to a great customer experience with our team. We believe in communicating early, often, and fully and we regularly solicit feedback from our customers on how we are doing.
Everything else collapses without trust and integrity. We understand that we exist for our customer and not the other way around. We will be ethical in all transactions with customers and will not work with employees or customers who do not operate in the same way. We believe in doing the right thing – even when no one is looking.

20Years Experience in IT

Treating every client like they are our first.