Managed Security

Managed Security

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Does my business need IT services?

Your digital assets are incredibly valuable and need protection. In today’s hyperconnected world, a robust cybersecurity solution defends your business against digital threats that lurk around every digital corner. Without proper protection in place, your business is vulnerable to data leaks and malware attacks that can result in high costs to recover from or cause immense damage to your business reputation.  While no one can guarantee your network won’t be hit by an attack, if it does, we will quickly get you back up and running. Our cybersecurity solutions will scan and protect you giving you peace of mind knowing your digital assets are safe.  Advanced malware protection, email security, intrusion prevention, network visibility, firewall, endpoint security, you name it! We’ve got you covered.

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Network Protection
Some of the protection features we can offer for your local network and devices:
  • 24/7 MONITORING - When we notice an issue with your system, we will contact you to determine remediation steps
  • MALWARE DETECTION - We leverage next generation antivirus software which examine how applications act on your system rather than just relying on virus signatures.
  • SECURITY LOCKOUT - If we verify an infected system, we can immediately isolate the affected systems and remediate any infections.
  • DARK WEB SCANNING - We will continually scour the dark corners of the Internet to determine if any of your info was leaked or sold and alert you regarding next steps.
  • ANNUAL SECURITY AUDITS - An in-depth review of your security policies, procedures, and practices with recommendations..
Cloud Security
Cyber threats are becoming more pervasive. Threats like phishing, ransomware, and malware are just some of the problems businesses will eventually have to face. Did you know that over 60% of hacks occur because a user clicks something or types their confidential information into a compromised system? Some of the protection features we can offer for your cloud systems:
  • MULTIFACTOR AUTHENTICATION (MFA) - We can assist you in configuring MFA on your cloud systems so that hacking attempts are thwarted by this simple but very effective layer of security.
  • PHISHING DETECTION - For email systems, we can scan the inbound email messages that appear to be attempts to compromise your accounts and flag those for you or block them entirely depending on severity.
  • PHISHING SIMULATION – We send benign “phishing” messages to your users to teach them how to spot and avoid hacking attempts and report back to you on how they are performing on the tests.
  • END-USER TRAINING - We will educate users on how to spot a potential risk and how to protect sensitive data.
  • VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) ACCESS - As the workforce footprint has expanded, you never know what environments your IT systems or data are being exposed to. Securing remote employee access into your network will ensure that your important data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands when someone is working from an insecure location such as a coffee shop. Cloud based and device-based VPN solutions are available to encrypt and protect all your confidential data.
Data Protection
Backing up is the most critical step you can take in protecting your data. Sadly, many backup systems fail because the solution was not properly engineered or experiences some type of failure in the backup or restoration process. A backup that is not regularly restore-tested is no backup at all. We can back up on premise and cloud data regardless of location. We also monitor those backups daily and verify with test restores.
  • MICROSOFT 365 / GOOGLE CLOUD BACKUP - Microsoft and Google do not backup your data as part of your subscription fee, but we can do so if retaining historical data is important to you or required for compliance reasons.
  • LOCAL STORAGE BACKUP - Leveraging our toolkit, we can back up any data locally on your computer systems regardless of whether it is server based on or PC or Mac based. We can also provide disaster recovery solutions for quick recovery of failed systems.

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