Windows 10 Update and Patches

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of patching Windows 10. These patches are designed to close security holes that hackers exploit in malware attacks. It is so important to update your Windows OS as soon as the opportunity becomes available; however, these patches can sometimes lead to upsetting issues. Over 50% of Windows 10 users have reported a wide array of issues with updates. This caused many to skip the updates until April of 2018 when Windows left users no other option. If you are among those that experienced issues with the update, then you may be happy to hear that Microsoft has implemented AI into their updates so that the system can identify potential issues before installing the patches that cause them.

There is a built-in tool that every Windows 10 user should know about: The Troubleshooter. To access your troubleshooter, go to the Start menu and click on the “Update & Security” button. You can also search for this through Cortana’s search bar. Click “troubleshoot” then “Windows Update” and “Run the Troubleshooter”. Once the troubleshooter has found a solution it will prompt you to “Apply this fix”. This tool can also be used to identify network issues and other common problems that you may encounter. It is one of the best tools for the technologically un-savvy user.

Again, we will stress that these updates and patches are critical to the health and performance of your PC (even if that seems counter-intuitive at times). The majority of ransomware attacks target security issues that are resolved in these patches, so the risk of attack is far greater than the potential issues that patches can cause. As always, common sense can be your best defense from attacks.

  • Don’t download anything that is sent as an attachment If you aren’t 100% that it is safe.
  • Utilize an Antivirus software or Windows Defender to protect yourself and be alerted when a file you’ve downloaded is suspicious.
  • Keep your passwords sufficiently complex and use different passwords on every account.
  • Changing passwords frequently can protect your information in case your account was breached without your knowledge.

Remember that a great IT company like DatoTech can be your first and greatest line of defense when it comes to securing your most critical data!